Heather Ramaekers

They did a great job with my toenail, it's healing great and they were very kind and gave me all the supplies that I needed! Thank you.

Taylor Reynolds

I had a great experience here! The doctor was very knowledgeable and the staff was great! Definitely will be back if I have any foot or ankle problems.

David Cox DC

I was able to schedule an appointment for a painful ingrown toenail within a couple of days. In office wait time was very reasonable, only 15 minutes. The front office lady was very pleasant as was the back office assistant. Dr. McCreary explained my treatment options. I elected to have the procedure which was absolutely painless compared to the pain caused by a visit to a nail spa for a pedicure. I highly recommended Dr. McCreary for your podiatry needs.

Carol Pressly

Excellent doctor. Helped me tremendously. Nice friendly office. Both my husband and I use him.

Shirley Nelson

Wonderful Doctor, took care of my problem right away. Would definitely recommend.

Thomas Franz

The staff was courteous helpful and professional. My doctor seemed to be very concerned about the current condition of my right foot. He put in place a treatment plan and discussed further appointments.

Emily Fincher

Dr. McCreary is an amazing doctor that takes his time with his patients and gives clear concise instructions for treatment. 10/10

Dan Mustarde

Dr McCreary and staff are quite professional and friendly.

Lisa Lourcey

He is the best! I’ve been to two others. Fixed my ingrown toenail. Staff is amazing! Will only use them from now on!!!

Danyel Bellomy

If I could give this doctors office a negative star I would worst doctors office to go to.

Tayla Rene

Everyone here is so nice and friendly! They really want to make sure that you get the best experience possible! Any questions that you have they will answer which is great for me because I ask a lot! A fantastic place to be for all your podiatry needs

Anthony Tout

I am not one for going to Doctors, but they make you feel at home and tell it like it is.Been going for over two years and progress is being made as long as i do my part.thank you........ps Sandy hi lol

Loritha Johnson-Hill

From my very first visit Dr. McCreary and his staff have made me feel comfortable. I had surgery on foot and again I felt completely comfortable. I've had very little pain and my foot looks great. When I find a good doctor I hold on to them until they retire and I plan to do the same with these guys. Thanks for taking such good care of me!

Anne Marie Curtis

I was pretty disappointed by Dr. McCreary. He left me and my son waiting in the examination room for 45 minutes. When he finally came in, he didn’t greet me directly, much less offer any apology for making us wait so long. Additionally, he’s practically the only business owner in FW that still has glaring signs all over his office that read, “No mask, no service.” I will not be returning to his office for more unfriendliness and disregard for my time. There are other podiatrists in FW, thankfully.

Shane Rankin

I had surgery on my foot. They were very informative and Dr. McCreary did an excellent job. The staff is awesome. Everyone is very friendly and they take care of your needs.

Robbie Canada

Went to Dr McCreary with foot pain and after second visit sent me for mri and never heard from him

David David

When a doctors office spends the majority of its time filling its vacancies, establishing policies to recoup money for less than a 24 hour cancellation notice , not following through with sending the needed forms for first time patients and provides no explanation or concern on appointments running late. I have to say, my time and money are important too. Along with the page and a half of patient responsibilities which require a patients initial . I might suggest you add a Patient mission statement as a reminder that there is still a duty to the patient. I had enough after waiting 50 minutes past my appointment time and being there the requested 10 minutes prior. Is it really to much for your staff to give an update? Let the mindless sheep line up for this office, I will most certainly find another podiatrist.

Jeff Shores

I was really happy with my experience here, scheduling was easy, I didn't wait too long in the waiting room, the doc listened closely and I was very happy with the course of action we're taking. Great experience!

Virginia & Alexander Cothran

Great Doctor and professional staff. Office and location cannot be beat. Highly recommend.

Desma Roland

Dr McCreary and his team was amazing this morning. I had a procedure to remove an ingrown. They me feel comfortable, the procedure was painless. We even talked and jammed to Michael Jackson amid. I thought Dr was gonna hit the moonwalk on his way out but I guess he saving that for my follow up

Trey Gilbreath

Very nice staff , Dr McCreary explained the situation very well . Had a great bedside manner. Could not have asked for better ! After surgery care was the best . Thanks for taking care of me .

Ramona B

I would recommend Dr. Mc.Creary to anyone who is in need of excellent foot care!! His entire practice makes you feel like family. I dread going to any doctor much less one that's going to inflict more pain to my heel! LOL Thank you so very much for working me into your schedule, but most of all for healing me faster than I hoped...

John Owings

I thoroughly enjoyed my two visits with Dr. Boyd. When he retired and recommended Jon McCreary who bought his practice, I scheduled an appointment for May 3, 2019. I arrived on time at 9:30 am. There was a lady checking out and scheduling additional appointments, and I assumed I would be next. At 9:40 I was finally taken to a room.There was almost nothing to read in either the waiting room or the room I was taken to for my procedure. A lovely young lady, Ashley, arrived and took my blood pressure, etc. I assumed Dr. McCreary would arrive shortly. After a long wait, a nurse arrived to ask what I was there for. I explained that I have a callous on the bottom of my foot that grows into the sweat gland and needs to be removed once a year. She placed a gauze pad with a softening solution on it. There was a sign on the door that stated all cellphones were to be turned off. I waited until 10:30 - an hour after my scheduled appointment - for Dr. McCreary to spend 10 minutes scraping the callous off my foot. Meanwhile, during my extremely boring wait, I listened to his lengthy phone conversation in the adjoining room dealing with his property tax situation.

After this conversation, Dr. McCreary "chit-chatted" in the hall with the office personnel before he was told that the next patient was in room #2. I wrongly assumed that was me.

I left the office at 10:50.

No, I would never schedule another appointment with him or recommend him to anyone. Both my husband and I teach piano, and we do not interrupt our lessons to take care of our personal business. My husband is Chair of the Piano Department at TCU and leaves both his studio phone and his cellphone off. Our home phone is not answered during teaching of private students.

It was a total waste of my Friday morning and I was NOT offered an apology when I mentioned that I had heard his conversation about his taxes and recommended a company that helped us.

Cordelia Owings

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